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From our mouthwatering entrees and appetizers to our catering menu and generous selection to varities of food specialties,

Whether you’re joining us in our dining room, placing an order for carryout or having your next event catered.

We at Hotel Merakee proud to welcome our guests to join the spice journey with our extensive menu crafted to match all palate. Whether your familiar with Indian cuisine or a first timer, our team take great pride to ensure each dish suits the guests perfectly. Our cuisine encompasses a wide variety of regional classics and contemporary dishes native to Streets of India. These cuisines vary significantly from each other also heavily influenced by regional & cultural diversity. We take pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, sourcing finest quality ingredients.


Hotel Merakee is the best Indian restaurant in Mumbai where you will get a huge variety of lip smacking food. We are committed to providing the best menu of Indian cuisine that keeps foodies attracted. We specialize in Indian Cuisine and this is why people count on us for Indian food restaurants in Mumbai. If you are curious to find an Indian takeaway near me, Merakee is certainly the right choice for you.

Here you can try famous and traditional Indian cuisine. Our huge collection of cuisine makes us a perfect choice among top restaurants. We always strive to bring you outstanding food and service. From north Indian to South Indian cuisine, we are serving everything that tickles your taste buds. We have come up as an authentic Indian restaurant in Merakee. If you are dying to try the best cuisine get a table at Hotel Merakee, get ready for a food trip and have a taste of the best food.

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