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A passionate towards hospitality and most awaited destination for your stay

Hotel Merakee is a perfect venue for a comfortable stay as well as business which includes an authentic Restaurant.

Hotel is located in a prime location at Mira Road, Mumbai City. Hotel Merakee that desires to cater and provide guests with personalized hospitality based on what they prefer and not what is customary. Whether the guest is looking for quiet time and lots of privacy or seeking energetic, friendly environment in the most delightful place away from home, Main Hotel and Suites can accommodate. Our goal is to engage our guests and provide them with the best experience through harmonious, zealous and personable service in the most convenient, comfortable, intimate and welcoming setting.

Hotel Merakee and a restaurant and hospitality is one of the finest ever said, our approach to service has remained consistent; warm, intuitive, personal and uniquely. We also embrace innovation to meet ever-changing guest needs and continue to celebrate our rich culinary legacy, setting trends but never compromising on quality and authenticity. A hotel company with a growing footprint, we take a sustainable and responsible approach, caring for local communities and protecting the environment in the destinations where we operate.

Our mission as a hotel company is to provide peace of mind, consistency and build loyalty based on our value of our relationships with the guests. We strive to be unique and the place you would want to go back to on your next visit to Hotel Merakee.  Our vision is to stay ahead with the competition by evolving to and meeting the changing preference of our guests through continued innovation. With this in mind, we constantly gather and appreciate guest and employee feedback and test new concepts and ideas.

A key element to our success is our effort to engage our staff in becoming a real team member with the same goals. We also value and mold them to be vibrant, welcoming, passionate and respectful of hotel guests. Inspired service is what we expect and hope for from our staff.  They are prepared to know our guests and their preference that allows them, the staff, to create a personalized service that can bring the hotel closer to the mission of building guest loyalty.


Get rewarded for your stays at Hotel Merakee with exclusive benefits when you book direct.


For Hotel Merakee's sustainability is about meeting current needs while at the same time preserving & contributing to the future.


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